The owner and driving force of the company was Mr. Lennart Avnby a Danish citizen with a strong background within the Crane and Hoist industry. His first experience was to be a partner with his father in law.
In 1952 had established SKB Company in Denmark based on the conclusion that the Crane and Hoist industry did not produce lifting devices that the market was asking for. The company soon proved to be successful especially after the invention of the radial piston pump for mobile cranes.
The name of his father in law was "Arne Kristensen" an icon within the crane industry.
In 1970 the financial crisis hit the Danish construction market and the partners agreed that Mr. Avnby moved to Sweden.
In 1976 had established a company STC with focus on the production of heavy load trailers and larger capacity cranes and the two companies worked jointly and exchanged products.
In 1985 STC started to export crane to Thailand.
In 1991 Due to the prospects of the negative development in the Swedish market Lennart decided to move his production to Thailand and established STC Company (SCAN-THAI CRANE CO., LTD.) and it was situated near Bangkok. The new company was overwhelmingly successful producing truck loader cranes, wreckers and truck boom cranes for the local market.
In 1997 the Thai economy burst. Lennart decided to focus on the export markets in Asia and move his production to Chonburi province and at same time he changed the name of the company to "HERKULES CRANE CO., LTD."
In 2002 Herkules Crane Co., LTD specializes in designing and producing high performance off-shore cranes initially intended for the Asian market. Herkules Crane has provided tailor made off shore cranes for Unocal Thailand which now operates in the Gulf of Thailand.

HERKULES CRANE CO., LTD. The company has located in 41/1-3 Moo 10 Chonburi Banbaung Road, Tumbon Nongree, Amphoe Muang, Chonburi 20000 Thailand. Tel: +66 38 476 107 Fax: +66 38 476 108
Our company employs a fixed staff of 50 people including four expatriate engineers and three Thai engineers.
Herkules is the brand name for Design, Development, Manufacturing and Maintenance Services of Crane, Hydraulic Platform, Wrecker Recovery Crane, Hydraulic Platform and Aerial Ladder for Fire Fighting and Rescue, Aerial Ladder for Fire Fighting and Rescue and Other Lifting Appliances. Included Fabrication, Welding and Assembly. Vehicle Body Structure for both Installed and not installed on the Vehicle.
Herkules has for many years also been the front runner in producing the world's biggest truck loader cranes, and has recently designed the largest capacity truck loader in the world. Besides the high capacity truck loaders, Herkules has also designed a light series of truck loaders in the 4 - 12 ton meter range for use on small sized trucks.
By using the latest in design, tools and materials, HERKULES has successfully completed and delivered many projects around the world ranging from offshore mooring system for oil tankers to specialized lifting systems for high rise buildings. A large part of our work now lies in custom designing mechanical structures. We make use of the latest technology both in design tools and materials, and continue to improve our know-how. The Herkules engineers are also involved with 3 rd party inspections for foreign companies procuring products in Thailand and for other cases where crane experts are needed.

Herkules is the brand name for various hydraulic lifting appliances produced by Herkules Crane Co., LTD.

Our company employs a fixed staff of 50 people including four expatriate engineers and three Thai engineers.

Herkules Crane Co., LTD is a 100% Thai company and 51 % of the shares are owned by Thais.