Today - Asian Crane Market

Today Herkules Crane Co., LTD specializes in designing and producing high performance off-shore cranes initially intended for the Asian market. Throughout 2002-2004 Herkules Crane has provided tailor made off shore cranes for oil companies which now operates oil platforms in the Gulf of Thailand.

Herkules has for many years also been the front runner in producing the worlds biggest truck loader cranes, and has recently designed the largest capacity truck loader in the world. Besides the high capacity truck loaders, Herkules has also designed a light series of truck loaders in the 5.5 - 12 ton meter range for use on small sized trucks.

A large part of our work now lies in custom designing mechanical structures. Over the years Herkules has completed hundreds of projects ranging from off-shore mooring systems for oil tankers to specialized lifting systems for high rising buildings. We make use of the latest technology both in design tools and materials, and continue to improve our know-how. The Herkules engineers are also involved with 3 rd party inspections for foreign companies procuring products in Thailand and for other cases where crane experts are needed.